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In a laser printer, an ink toner is basically a fine powder that is fused to the paper. The toner is responsible for creating the actual image on the paper itself. These printers produce prints fast and the text ends up looking sharp and clear. Here's a good read about we buy toner, check it out! 


 What To Do With Old Cartridges


As the ink toner is basically what is consumed when we print, it will eventually run out and we will have to replace them at some point or another. The question now is, what do we do with the old cartridges? Do we just throw them away once we've replaced them with new ones? Absolutely not! When these ink cartridges are thrown and eventually reach landfill sites, they take between 450 to 1000 years to decompose! That is longer than the time you'll actually be on Earth. We are talking about centuries of these cartridges just sitting there, not being of any use. So, what can we do? Listed below are simple ways on how you or the community itself can benefit from these old cartridges. You can sell unused toner here. 


1. Sell Them Away


There are a lot of places that'll pay you cash for those empty ink cartridges. Yes, your unwanted and casted off cartridges has the power to give you at least a few extra cash. You will be able to sell toner cartridges for a bit of money in several places. Don't expect much though as they don't really cost a lot. Still, earning a bit is a lot greater than earning nothing and letting them go to waste for the next 1000 years. 


2. Recycle


You can give out these cartridges to a place that'll recycle them or you can recycle them on your own. All you have to do is make sure that you wash them clean. You can then spray paint them or use them as is to store your small office supplies in like staples, thumbtacks, paperclips, etc. Not only will you be able to save money as you no longer have to purchase anything to put these supplies in, but you'll also be able to organize and keep your working space clean and tidy.


3. Refill!


There is also the choice of just refilling them. Instead of buying new cartridges, which is a lot more expensive, you can choose to take your cartridges to a place that can refill them with more toner for you. You'll be paying less and will also help reduce global warming!


Listed above are only a few ways of making sure that your ink cartridges don't end up going to waste and adding up to our environmental crisis. Surely, there are a lot of other simple and creative ways in which you can help. Choosing what to do with those old cartridges is up to you now. Whether you choose to recycle them or sell them, at least you will be putting them to good news for the next centuries or so.